Alcrona (AlCrN), produced in the INNOVA, is a Titanium free coating for broad application in machining and forming operations. Alcrona has remarkable wear resistance at lower speeds and feeds and under high mechanical loads. At higher speeds, where hot hardness and oxidation resistance are important, Alcrona excels, compared to Titanium based coatings, with an operating temperature up to 1,100°C.

Alcrona is applicable to HSS and carbide tooling and for forming and forging operations, as well as cutting operations. Alcrona has shown great results in machining a wide variety of hardened steels up to 54 HRC both with and without coolant as well as low alloy steels and high tensile steels.

 Applications and Benefits

  • Low alloy steels and high tensile steels
  • Hardened steels up to 54 HRC
  • Forming / punching / blanking and hot forging

Improved Performance with

  • High speed machining
  • Dry or MQL machining
  • Higher productivity


ColourBlue – Grey
Coating Thickness4 μm
Microhardness3200 HV
Thermal Stabilityup to 1100°C
Coeff. Friction vs Steel0.35