Futura Nano (TiAlN), produced in the INNOVA, is a great all round coating for both HSS and carbide tools, especially in applications where there is a high thermal load.

TiAlN has a nanolayered structure which was engineered to give an optimum balance between hardness and internal stress.

High internal compressive stresses help to reduce the propagation of cracks through a coating therefore delaying the onset of failure. TiAlN also has improved sliding properties.

Applications and Benefits

  • Abrasive materials – cast iron and heat treated steel
  • Difficult to machine materials, such as stainless steel
  • Higher speeds and feeds
  • Reduces or eliminates use of coolants

Improved Performance with

  • Higher speed and feed machining
  • Dry or MQL machining
  • Machining of harder materials


ColourViolet – Grey
Coating Thickness4 μm
Microhardness3300 HV
Thermal Stabilityup to 900°C
Coeff. Friction vs Steel0.3 - 0.35