TiCN has a fine grain dense structure that provides excellent toughness and high hardness. TiCN is harder and tougher than TiN, consequently it exhibits a high resistance to edge chipping.

This coating is a good choice for milling, forming and punching tools that encounter high mechanical stresses. TiCN is also recommended for applications cutting highly abrasive and/or gummy materials such as cast iron, brass and some cast aluminium alloys. LVEB TiCN is extremely smooth.

Applications and Benefits

  • High performance applications
  • Difficult to machine materials
  • Abrasive materials – cast iron and aluminium alloys
  • Adhesive materials – copper and copper based alloys
  • Higher speeds and feeds possible for enhanced machine productivity compared to TiN
  • Wear resistance and toughness superior to TiN

Improved performance with

  • Higher speed conventional milling
  • Gear cutting tools
  • Heavy duty stamping
  • Plastic moulds and extrusion tools for plastics containing >30% glass fillers (abrasion resistance)
  • Deep drawing tools


ColourBlue – Grey
Coating Thickness2 – 4 μm
Microhardness3000 HV
Thermal Stabilityup to 400°C
Coeff. Friction vs Steel0.4