TiN was the first PVD wear resistant film coating introduced at Surface Technology Coatings, using the world’s leading low voltage electron beam technology by Balzers of Switzerland. TiN is the standard general purpose coating for protecting a wide variety of tools and parts from wear. TiN is a good choice for the machining of iron based materials, die casting and plastic mould tooling.

TiN is also a good coating for wear part applications demanding resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear. TiN is also an attractive gold colour. LVEB TiN is extremely smooth.

Applications and Benefits

  • General purpose use
  • 3 to 8 times longer tool life
  • Wide range of materials
  • Higher tool speeds and feeds than uncoated tools

Improved performance with

  • Wide range of cutting tools in both HSS and Carbide
  • Plastic moulds and moulding machine parts
  • Slitting knives for the plastic and paper industries
  • Wear parts
  • Medical and dental instruments
  • Forming tools


ColourGold - Yellow
Coating Thickness1-3 μm
Thermal Stabilityup to 600°C
Coeff. Friction vs Steel0.4