Regrinding Service – Reduce your production costs

Sutton Tools continue to reinvest to provide a ‘Complete’ range in cutting tool products and services. Our regrinding service returns tools to ‘as new’ condition. Quality is guaranteed from the CNC grinding machines which are operated by highly experienced personnel, using advanced technology. A full regrinding facility is offered on site. HSS and carbide can be reconditioned by our highly experienced personnel, with reproducible, high quality results, every time.

We regrind HSS Powdered Metallurgy and grades of Solid Carbide, complemented by fifth generation thin film coatings.

This product listing represents commonly requested items. We also manufacture carbide, HSS and specials for general, automotive and aerospace applications, we can also advise the best solution for the materials you machine.

Sutton Tools Recoating Service

We are Australia’s only company providing a combined regrind, coating, nitriding and heat treatment service to industry with ultra-hard thin film coatings based on physical vapour deposition (PVD) technology. Using world-leading technology, coatings are available to solve a wide range of problems relating to friction and wear, thereby improving tool performance and increasing tool life, up to 300-1000% compared to uncoated.


The variety of state of the art equipment including CNC tool and cutter grinders, drag finishing machines, PVD coatings and CNC wet blasters, enables us to regrind a tool, edge prepare, recoat and post-polish. We continue to develop and test all these processes to provide our customers with best solutions to their metal removal needs.